• Fashion


    There is nothing more inspiring than fashion photography. Fashion is expression of mood and personality. In my images, I like to tell the story of fashion, individuality and art. They are a combination of art and lifestyle.
  • Portrait


    A good portrait shows personality. It characterizes you and gives confidence. It is a kind of intimate work. Therefore, my images show your emotions, your personality and your character.
  • Personal Projects

    Personal Projects

    Shooting personal projects allows to start experimenting with other genres of photography that we don’t normally work in. It also allows us to try out new techniques and lighting, without the risk of keeping a client waiting.
  • Boudoir


    Each boudoir shoot is unique. Boudoir photographs are intimate, timeless and a reminder of a time in your life. They are designed to tell a story that only the woman herself knows the true narrative of.

    Fashion and Emotions:

    "Fashion should reflect who you are,
    what you feel and where you are going."
    (Pharell Williams)


    I am Christian Weiss. I studied photography in Falmouth and Journalism in Bamberg, and over the years I’ve realized that fashion is expression. It’s an expression of your thoughts, your hopes and your story. For some people it is not important, but for me it’s inspiring.

    That's my mission - to tell stories, to create emotions. A photo is worth a thousand words, so let’s tell them.                                                          

    Let’s get started


    Fashion is passion

    Fashion Photography is my focus. It can be artsy. Photos tell a story, and it’s worth to take a second glance. Photos invite you to linger, create a mood, which express freedom and individuality.                



    Often I have this one and only idea for a photo in mind, that I have to realize. But the beginning is research and planning. What is the background? What is the aim? Where do I start? The shoot stands with the concept. Whether it is an editorial or a personal shoot - I'm happy to plan it with you.



    Plan, structure, organization and communication are key. In this case, experience makes perfect shoots. Every shoot is an individual experience. On location or in my studio. I work with a full frame Canon Mark IV to create the best results. Whether for your social media presence or for print.


    Post Production

    Post-production already starts during the photo shoot. Tethered by cabel or Wifi, you’ll follow the process of the shoot until the final results for your project are perfect. I'm happy to discuss your wishes and ideas during the editing process for perfect results. Whether classically or modern avant-garde – we’ll find the perfect look.

    When will your journey begin with me?


    PS: Here you will find my latest portfolio:

    About me

    I am a German photographer and trained journalist. Grown up as son of refugees from Slovakia, I am working in Germany as well as in foreign countries.

    My passion is fashion photography from modern high fashion to staged vintage fashion images, which have already been shown in various exhibitions.

    During my studies of photography at the University of Falmouth in Great Britain, I have been working on different aspects of sustainable fashion like mail order fashion, compostable couture or horticouture. In my projects, I discuss for example the impact of fashion on the environment or the topic of body positivness.


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